Hello. I have waited a long time for this day. For my first official blog post. Honestly, I have waited probably two years. I’ve had the name for months, I’ve had the desire for a LONG time, but I’ve waited. Why?

The short answer is fear. Fear that I will say the wrong thing. Fear that I won’t have anything to say. Fear that no one will like me. Fear that I won’t be able to figure out the technology. Fear that I might offend with my theology. Fear that I don’t understand my own theology or that I don’t have the right one. Fear it won’t be pleasing to the eye or laid out well. Fear of criticism. Fear that if I finally, actually say what I am thinking it won’t matter.

BUT…love and faith finally won out (thank You Lord!) and I am finally ready to begin.

I sort of feel like the Fellowship of the Ring as they began their journey and set out from Rivendell: nervous, a little afraid but excited at the idea of adventure into the wild unknown. Here at the beginning I admit upfront (to myself mostly) that I will make mistakes. I may not post as often as I would like. I may not figure out the lingo. I may not figure out how to increase blog traffic. Shoot! I may not figure out how to get ANY blog traffic. I won’t always use proper grammar. And yes, it may get messy.

But I have a desire to share my journey of grace and to invite you to share yours. To unravel the mystery of it and share how it has unraveled me: the good, the bad and the ugly.


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