What’s That?

I’ve noticed a pattern in my life lately.  The more I explore and experience this idea of grace, the more willing I am to try new things.  When you are bound up in the fear of the consequences of every decision you make it is much easier to live with a lot of things the way they are.  Change, even small change can be very difficult, exhausting, and overwhelming. 

For instance, I have had the same cable, and later internet, provider for about 20 years.  And for about that long they have been the only game in town.  Even when satellite TV became an option I was interested, but I was too afraid to try (I know…it’s insane).  But a few months ago I heard a neighbor go on and on about this new option we have in our neighborhood.  So I hopped online and did my research.  I found out I could get more service for less money.  Less money…that sealed the deal for me…I am always looking to save money.  Many times I am trying to save money out of fear, but this time was different.  I actually felt exhilarated trying something completely different.  Something my friends don’t have.  And (gasp) something even my parents don’t have.

So I went through the online order process, set my appointment date and three short days later two kind installers showed up at my house, in the pouring rain exactly on time.  One of them went outside to do  whatever has to happen out there so I have internet and cable in here.  So I showed the other gentleman around so he could see where everything needed to go.

When we got upstairs to the master bedroom (yes I have a tv in the master bedroom, please don’t judge) he looked to see where the lines came into the room and where they fed into the cable box and internet modem.   As he’s following the cables he said, “Well you won’t have to deal with that anymore.”  Me:  “Deal with what?”  Kind Installer Don:  “That huge cable running through the middle of your bedroom floor (unspoken: with that ugly rug over it).”  Me: “I won’t?”  Kind Installer Don:  “No ma’am.  That’s ridiculous.  They never should have installed it that way.”

Do you know that “ridiculous” cable has run across the middle of my bedroom floor since 2001?!?!  The sad and interesting thing is that it NEVER occurred to me that it shouldn’t!  A kind, unassuming stranger walked into my bedroom and immediately noticed the problem.  Then my mind went to, “How many other things do I just trip over in my life because it hasn’t occur to me that they were in the way and ridiculous?”

What about you, have you ever had an “ah ha” moment when you saw something for what it was?  Have you ever ignored something that should be considered a problem so long that it becomes part of your landscape and you don’t even see it anymore?

Father, show us the ridiculous things in our lives that you want to remove so we can walk freely in Your grace.  Open our eyes to the things we’ve just chosen not to see.


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