31 Days of Advent in October :: Day 17

Photo Credit: Sophie Pope

I would like to pause here for just a minute in this 31 Day series on Advent to simply say how much I am enjoying this experience.  While each day my writing has been in response to a reading selection from Ann Voskamp’s new book, “The Greatest Gift: Unwrapping the Full Love Story of Christmas”, I don’t want anyone to miss the fact that the book itself is AMAZING and so worth reading.

Every day’s reading selection takes me on a journey of not only seeing how beautifully and clearly Christ has been coming for mankind since before the beginning, but He’s been coming for ME since before the beginning.  There aren’t adequate words to describe the overwhelming sense of God’s great Love for me, for all of us, as I sit down to read and write each day.

I didn’t want this series to appear in any way rote or mechanical or as just a writing exercise.  For me it’s been a beautiful experience as Jesus and I sit down each day to read and then create art together.

I also want to say thank you for joining me on this journey, whether you read one post or all the posts.  Traveling together is always more fun.



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